Being updated constantly
I have a lot planned for this and have only started doing web games; FOLLOW ME and I'm sure you will find some unique Simulation games.

ver0.2 bring in upgrades and bug fixes

ver0.3 adds Save / Load

ver0.4 unlocks research

ver0.4.5 begins work of multiple businesses (doing balancing and finishing this up for a couple of days before it will be officially complete) You can see the progress of the third research slot now. COMPLETED

ver0.5 3 more products to unlock per shop type, giving you a potential to sell upto 96 different things to make you rich. =)

ver0.6 Some font changes and upgraded Save/Load module

ver0.7 Minor text tweaks to improve readability (More will follow)

ver0.8 Brings some Menu enhancements, Easier to pickup with "No Stock" indicators flashing on both shop and menu. Title screen & Ability to start a new game or delete a save file. [MAY BE BUGGY]